26 March 2009



This is part of a series I am working on. I never seem to translate them onto the blog page exactly, but you get the idea.

21 March 2009



I grew up combing beaches, exploring tide pools and rocks hiding washed up treasures. My sisters and I walked miles (we thought) on driftwood without touching the sand, squished our feet at the edge of the water to make quicksand, and flew kites for hours on end.

I’m not even sure where to buy paper and balsam to build a kite anymore!

18 March 2009

wool in Wales

well-trained Border Collies + shepherds with time and imagination = sheep art

08 March 2009



I love making these tiny boxes, this one is about two centimeters across. As usual, the tiny jewel rotates out to catch the light.



What an amazing number of people can pack into a house when there is a band, eh? Especially when there are violins, a mandolin, guitar, whistles and a bodhrán (that last is essential). One of the violinists was 12 years old, a 78-year-old sang two solos. Of course towards the end of the evening the songs of separation and rebel tunes came out. Athenry was summoned, and a song that started with an Irish boy losing his leg in the American civil war ended with Bush and his Iraq war. Predictable, but perfect.

07 March 2009

prod your gondola on over

If you are in Southern California, please visit the fabulous Miss Ph tonight as she and these other talented artists show their work. Surrounded by art, a glass of wine in hand and interesting people to chat with, it will be a good evening.



05 March 2009



I love this fragment, it went inside the lid of The Egypt Box (one of the story boxes I made a while back).


03 March 2009



In all the excitement of the Eglu, I forgot my bag of electronics up north and cannot charge my camera or load any photos of my work. Very frustrating. Hopefully it will only be a few weeks till it gets here.