24 April 2009

another sun


Another poem. There has been a lot of writing in my art this year, but not much in these blog posts.

So many small disasters have occurred since December – I think that I must have offended some minor god. Everything from a truck falling through my bridge and having to put one of my dogs down, to a key breaking in the gate lock and the kitchen tap exploding (surprisingly, I managed to fix that last for 38 cents). Each new event happens before I’ve finished dealing with the last, leaving no time for boredom, or writing much here.

In the midst of everything else I’m looking for a place that will reproduce these pieces.

19 April 2009



This is not finished yet, the 3-headed monster needs to be integrated and I’m not sure how I feel about the absence of writing.

13 April 2009

ephemeral art

Freezing is fun, but dancing – I love this!

It reminded me of Joshua Bell’s Metro performance a while back:

04 April 2009



I have a commission for a huge version of this, yay!

02 April 2009



I have guests occupying my workroom for these few weeks, so I am working on digital collages of my photos and ephemera in the meantime.

I meant to open an Etsy store in March, but didn’t get it together in time, I am looking for someone new to do these prints, then I should be set to go.